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Adult Keyboard Lessons

Keyboard Lessons Melbourne


The adult keyboard course is perfect for older beginners or people who want to pick up where they may have left off many years ago. This course explores basic keyboard playing in a fun group environment. Experience a variety of repertoire styles each lesson selected from pop, jazz and the classics.

Adults will learn

  • Etudes (exercises and finger warm ups)
  • Keyboard Repertoire enables the student to experience the joy of musical expression through playing solo pieces on the keyboard
  • Music Theory (Music Dictionary)
  • Use of Keyboard Functions such as voice selection, finger chords, pitch bend and modulation and keyboard percussion
  • Music Appreciation - share your favourite music with the class and under the experienced guidance of your teacher
Lesson Length: 1 hour
Course Length: 8 week modules - up to 2 years
Group Size: 4 - 8 students
Tuition Fees: $275 per 8 week module

Includes all lesson costs, course materials, concert and exam fees, where applicable